Case Study - TSG Paper

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Nayara Aguiar
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Mon, 04/08/2019 - 21:19
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This dataset refers to the case study performed in the paper "A Real Options Market-Based Approach to Increase Penetration of Renewables", submitted to IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. The file contains the Midcontinent ISO data used for the day-ahead prices, as well as the wind data from NREL's Wind Integration National Dataset Toolkit which was used to estimate the renewable productions in the case study.


To run the script for our case study, all files must be unzipped and added to a single folder, which must be in the path when running Matlab.

This simulation was made using Matlab R2018a, and thus some of the functions used might not be compatible with earlier versions of the software. Futher, the global optimization toolbox is required to run the simulation file (but not required to run the script that reproduces the figures presented in the paper).