Atmospheric radio propagation data set (atmospheric environment and radio frequency phase difference data)

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Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
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Jie Zhang
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Mon, 05/06/2024 - 11:09
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The atmospheric radio propagation data set includes atmospheric environment data and radio frequency propagation phase detection data. Atmospheric environment data is collected by temperature, humidity and pressure sensors with a sampling rate of 1. The test time lasts for 10,000 seconds. RF propagation phase jitter was measured by the phase comparison method using a digital multimeter (Keysight 34411A) with a sampling rate of 1. The measurement time is 40,000 seconds. In this letter, we propose a wireless radio frequency transmission scheme based on a dual phase-locked loop structure (DPLL). The local PLL generates a pre-compensation signal that simultaneously suppresses noise. The PLL at the far end regenerates the signal at a different frequency. The combination of the two enables stable frequency transmission over free space links.


The voltage value collected by a digital multimeter. Phase jitter and allan deviation can be calculated from this data.