Arm Paths (Kinect, Goniometer, OptiTrack)

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Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
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Sigal Berman
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Sun, 02/06/2022 - 14:17
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Eight participants, sat on a stable chair with no arm rests and a high backrest, with his/her right arm strapped to the passive manipulator. The participant’s motion was simultaneously recorded using a Kinect sensor, an electronic goniometer (Biopac Systems, USA), and a passive marker motion capture system, V120:Trio (OptiTrack, USA). The Kinect sensor was placed 2 m in front and slightly above the participant. The goniometer was attached, using double-sided tape, to the participant’s arm above the elbow. Three reflective markers were used for the V120:Trio recording. The markers were attached to bony landmarks on the right arm, i.e., acromion, lateral epicondyle, and wrist styloid process. The data from the Kinect sensor and the goniometer were simultaneously recorded on a single computer. The data from the V120:Trio sensor was recorded in parallel on a second computer. The sampling rates were 40 Hz for the Kinect, 100 Hz for the goniometer, and 120 Hz for the V120:Trio. 






Files that start with A0-A4 are recording of the beginning of each session, where the participant was asked to keep his/her arm still in five different poses for 15s each for a calibration recording. All other files are coded based on the track color. The participant was asked to move his/her arm for eight 2-min intervals in one of four tracks marked by color-coded tape on the floor. The blue track indicated forward and backward movements, the red track indicated movements to the right and left, the white track indicated a clockwise circular movement, and the black track, a counter clockwise circular movement. Each track was repeated twice.

The following number is the participants code and then an indication of what sensor is recorded. To calculate an angle value use the equation - 180 - gonio_value*180/4000

The goniometer data is the raw sensor reading. The OptiTrack and Kinect files include shoulder, elbow, and wrist coordinates - as indicted in the header row




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