This is a dataset of 120 error-concealed video clips.  The clips were generated from 6 CIF, 6 HD and 6 Full-HD test video sequences. Each of those sequences was error concealed with 4 Error Concealment (EC) techniques: Motion Copy, Motion Vector Extrapolation, Decoder Motion Vector Estimation (DMVE) + Boundary Matching Algorithm (BMA), and Adaptive Error Concealment Order Determination (AECOD). The dataset also includes the original (loss free) video clips, as well as the subjective ranking of the error-concealed videos.


Low light scenes often come with acquisition noise, which not only disturbs the viewers, but it also makes video compression harder. These type of videos are often encountered in cinema as a result of artistic perspective or the nature of a scene. Other examples include shots of wildlife (e.g. mobula rays at night in Blue Planet II), concerts and shows, surveillance camera footage and more. Inspired by all above, we are proposing a challenge on encoding low-light captured videos.

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