The dataset consists of undirected weighted multi-graphs stored in .pkl or .net formats. These undirected graphs form instances for the multi-trip multi-depot rural postman problem. The Multi-trip multi-depot Rural Postman Problem is a variant of the Capacitated Arc Routing Problem which is to find a set of routes for vehicles having limited capacity to traverse a set of arcs from a node called depot in an undirected graph in the least possible time. The dataset consists of instances generated by modifying instances from the literature and also real-world road networks.


The whole data set will be published after the acceptance of our paper via the same url as shown in the paper.


When using PackageRank software to analyze our data set, please do not change the name of the .net files.


The .net file has the following format:

Node count: *Vertices count


Node List:

    number "node name"

EX:   1    "org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.optional.sitraka"


Arc List:

node1 node2 weight

EX: 1 2 3

Meaning: from node 1 to node 2 with weight 3



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