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Recently, a limited number of datasets that exist are used to detect errors in the printing process of the 3D printer. Limited datasets lead most researchers to dive into sensor data fault classification.

The dataset is captured and labelled before being fed to the DL model. The image dataset is captured in a time-lapse video mode with a 15-second duration for each printing process. Next, the time-lapse is used to extract around 50 images per video. In total, 2297 images containing four classes are collected.


This dataset contains 1500 images of various cricket umpire hand signs


Most of Facial Expression Recognition (FER) systems rely on machine learning approaches that require large databases (DBs) for an effective training. As these are not easily available, a good solution is to augment the DBs with appropriate techniques, which are typically based on either geometric transformation or deep learning based technologies (e.g., Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)). Whereas the first category of techniques have been fairly adopted in the past, studies that use GAN-based techniques are limited for FER systems.