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IT director( Business Process/ Architect)
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Subbaiah Gorla Bala is one of the world’s renowned Enterprise Data (MDM) Architects. He has worked extensively on Data Dimensions, Governance & Architecture of Enterprise Data & Strategy. It encompasses enterprise business functions viz. a viz. Marketing, Sales, Production / Manufacturing, Forecasting, Planning, Logistics, Finance and Human Resources. These functions include both internal and external supply chains of the firms. The architecture encompasses internal and external stakeholders such as customers, vendors and regulators. Bala has also worked extensively in multiple industries dealing with millions of data records under much regulated environments such as HIPPA, SOX and GDPR. Bala has extensive experience in enterprise data architecture, industry standards, strategizing data related programs, and aligning it with the strategic objectives of firms. Bala has helped organizations to achieve their measured KPI or goals by architecting, designing, and executing solutions which have resulted in significantly incremental and perpetual savings to enterprises.

Datasets & Analysis

Master data has played a significant role in improving operational efficiencies and has attracted the attention of many large businesses over the decade. Recent professional searches have also proved a significant growth in the practice and research of managing these master data assets.