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The region-based segmentation approach has been a major research area for many medical image applications. A vision guided autonomous system has used region-based segmentation information to operate heavy machinery and locomotive machines intended for computer vision applications. The dataset contains raw images in .png format fro brain tumor in various portions of brain.The dataset can be used fro training and testing. Images are calssified into three main regions as frontal lobe(level -1, level-2), optus-lobe(level-1), medula_lobe(level-1,level-2,level-3).


The dataset comprises of image file s of size 20 x 20 pixels for various types of metals and non-metal.The data collected has been augmented, scaled and modified to represent a number a training set dataset.It can be used to detect and identify object type based on material type in the image.In this process both training data set and test data set can be generated from these image files.