Measured scattering parameters for the coupling of stochastic electromagnetic fields to shielded cables above a ground plane in a reverberation chamber

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This data set is about the measurement of the statistical electromagnetic field coupling to several shielded coaxial cables. The lines are aligned in parallel to a wall of a reverberation chamber. With a vector network analyzer, the coupled voltage between the inner conductor and the cable shield is measured for different stirrer positions over a wide frequency range. For comparison, the coupled current on the cable shield is calculated based on transmission line theory. From the ratio between the inner voltage and the shield current, a coupling resistance can be calculated. This value is useful to determine the shielding attenuation of the cable shield in decibels.


The raw data of the measurement is saved in text files.

Each subfolder is for a different measurement with a different cable or for the coupling between the antennas.

The meaning of the examplary filename "alpha_0.0_s11_imag.out" is as follows:
- "alpha_0.0" stands for a stirrer angle of 0°
- "s_11" means the scattering parameter s_11 (there are also s_12, s_21 and s_22)
- "imag" is for the imaginary part
- "real" is for the real part

The content of each file is the scattering parameter, where each line stands for a different frequency.

The file "alphas.out" contains all the stirrer angles (in °).

The file "freqs.out" contains all the frequencies (in Hz).

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