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This data set contains 6 months of mobile phone records of German Green party politician Malte Spitz, stored by Deutsche Telekom in 2009-2010.

date/time of measurement start: 2009-08-31

date/time of measurement end: 2010-02-27

collection environment: This dataset contains records of all communications of a mobile phone serviced by Deutsche Telekom. Whenever the phone made a call or a connection, a timestamped record of the phone's location, service used, source, and destination was saved by the service provider. The phone's location was most likely estimated by the strength of the signal received at the cell towers. The owner of the phone travelled quite extensively during the data collection period.

network configuration: The phone was serviced by Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile.

data collection methodology: The data was collected by Deutsche Telekom from Spitz's mobile phone over a half-year period.

sanitization: In each pair of cell id A and cell id B, the id corresponding to the party communicating with Spitz's cellphone was redacted by Zeit Online, replaced by XXXXXXXXXX.

limitation: The phone was turned off and not sending data for some of the time. Also, for some reason, some of the coordinates and directions are unavailable.

hole: There are numerous gaps in the records where the cellphone was turned off or otherwise not able to communicate.

error: As far as we can tell, the location data was estimated based on data provided by the cell towers, not obtained through GPS. Therefore, it is likely to be less accurate than GPS data.



Mobile phone records of German politician Malte Spitz.

  • file: DT-mobile-data.csv.gz
  • description: This traceset contains 6 months of mobile phone records of German Green party politician Malte Spitz, stored by Deutsche Telekom in 2009-2010.
  • measurement purpose: User Mobility Characterization, Usage Characterization, Positioning Systems, Social Network Analysis, Localization
  • methodology: Timestamped location data for every call or connection made by the cellphone was recorded by the service provider. Location was most likely estimated by the strength of the signals received by the cell towers.

spitz/cellular/mobile Trace

  • location: This trace contains 6 months of mobile phone records of German Green party politician Malte Spitz, stored by Deutsche Telekom in 2009-2010.
    • configuration: Call and connection records were collected by the phone company. Location data for each record was most likely estimated by the strength of the signals received by cell towers.
    • format: This is a .csv file. The first line of the file lists field names and source

URL. The other lines correspond to one connection record each.

The fields are:

- start time, end time (for some records), service,

incoming/outgoing (eingehend/ausgehend), longitude, latitude,

direction (in degrees), cell id A, cell id B


We believe that either the cell id A (for outgoing) or cell id B (for incoming)

corresponds to the base transceiver station communicating with Malte Spitz's

cellphone. (The second id in every pair has been redacted, and we have no

information on what exactly the original entries used to contain.)


The files in this directory are a CRAWDAD dataset hosted by IEEE DataPort. 

About CRAWDAD: the Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data At Dartmouth is a data resource for the research community interested in wireless networks and mobile computing. 

CRAWDAD was founded at Dartmouth College in 2004, led by Tristan Henderson, David Kotz, and Chris McDonald. CRAWDAD datasets are hosted by IEEE DataPort as of November 2022. 

Note: Please use the Data in an ethical and responsible way with the aim of doing no harm to any person or entity for the benefit of society at large. Please respect the privacy of any human subjects whose wireless-network activity is captured by the Data and comply with all applicable laws, including without limitation such applicable laws pertaining to the protection of personal information, security of data, and data breaches. Please do not apply, adapt or develop algorithms for the extraction of the true identity of users and other information of a personal nature, which might constitute personally identifiable information or protected health information under any such applicable laws. Do not publish or otherwise disclose to any other person or entity any information that constitutes personally identifiable information or protected health information under any such applicable laws derived from the Data through manual or automated techniques. 

Please acknowledge the source of the Data in any publications or presentations reporting use of this Data. 


Malte Spitz, spitz/cellular, , Date: 20110504

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