This open access webpage has all miscellaneous data and design related to ß-machines- Non-Medical, ß-Biomedical machines, processed ECG, sensors, heart and breathing patterns, sounds, finite element analysis, mathematics and BioEngineering. 

As all only want free download and I used to get emails to share data freely ; with IEEE DataPort I had began journey of Data, so I will do update data as long as IEEE DataPort allows it or as long as I can or . I might also upload same data externally to other site.


This is an open-access page. All content can be freely downloaded. Models shared only for humanitarian purposes, Can be used by Clinical Doctors or Pharmacologists or Researchers under License CC-BY. Preprints can be freely downloaded, pls. click on title.  

I. Paper 1 : Investigating Myocardial Infarction using Novel ß-Bio Model of Circulatory System 

II. Paper 2 : Investigating Myocardial Infarction using Novel ß Bio-Electro-Magnetic Radiations Model


This study seeks to obtain data which will help to address machine learning based malware research gaps. The specific objective of this study is to build a benchmark dataset for Windows operating system API calls of various malware. This is the first study to undertake metamorphic malware to build sequential API calls. It is hoped that this research will contribute to a deeper understanding of how metamorphic malware change their behavior (i.e. API calls) by adding meaningless opcodes with their own dissembler/assembler parts.


The Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization is publishing weekly counts of suspected and confirmed cases, by country and territory, as reported by each country. The data portal includes a few important notes: "The suspected cases in Brazil are unofficial (media monitoring)""Data is shared in an effort to transparently disseminate available information reported by Member States.