This dataset provides the data collected in the scope of a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) study that focuses on systematically gather and analyse the existing literature on SOTIF published during 2018-2023. By performing a SLR on SOTIF, we have determine the factors associated with the successful implementation of SOTIF measures, the challenges arise when ensuring SOTIF for ADSs, and research gaps from the SLR of existing literature on SOTIF. The dataset can be useful for the researchers and practitioners.


This dataset is hosted on IEEE DataPort(TM), a data repository created by IEEE to facilitate research reproducibility. A Systematic Literature Review SLR is presented on information retrieval for IoT and WoT scenarios, containing the definition of the research questions and the selection strategy. We specify the inclusion and exclusion criteria in conjunction with the quality assurance criteria. The data extraction procedure is then outlined.


Producing secure software is challenging. The poor usability

of security Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) makes this even

harder. Many recommendations have been proposed to support developers

by improving the usability of cryptography libraries and APIs; rooted in

wider best practice guidance in software engineering and API design. In

this SLR, we systematize knowledge regarding these recommendations.