regression model

Transistor models are crucial for circuit simulation. Reliable design of high-performance circuits requires that transistor characteristics are adequately represented, which makes accurate and fast models indispensable. Scattering (or S-)parameters are perhaps the most widely used RF characteristics, employed in the design and analysis of linear devices and circuits for calculation of the input and output impedance, isolation, gain, as well as stability, all being important performance figures for small-signal or low-noise amplifiers.


Shannon’s Index of Difficulty (ID), reputable for quantifying the perceived difficulty of pointing tasks as a logarithmic relationship between movement-amplitude (A) and target-width (W), is used for modelling the corresponding observed movement-times (MT_O) in such tasks in controlled experimental setup.


To train the machine learning model, a dataset was generated containing data for «Budennovskoye» field, part of which is shown in title figure. (AR and SP are given for 90 centimeter intervals, for which, in turn, the actual values K_fpo. obtained by pumping out (pump out) was determined. As a result, the input variable set consisted of 19 values, including the rock code (AR, SP). The target column isK_f_pump_out .