The data set has been consolidated for the task of Human Posture Recognition. The data set consists of four postures namely -

  1. Sitting,
  2. Standing,
  3. Bending and,
  4. Lying.

There are 1200 images for each of the postures listed above. The images have a dimension of 512 x 512 px.


The data set has been structured according to the postures. The following directory structure is maintained -

    • Sitting - Contains 1200 images.
    • Standing - Contains 1200 images.
    • Bending - Contains 1200 images.
    • Lying - Contains 1200 images.

To use the data set just unzip the file. The images have been pre-processed in advance. The final images represent relevant silhouettes.


Pressure position sensors and actuators are represented by red large and blue circles on the seating, respectively. Black circles display ultrasound sensors in the backrest, yellow arrows show output peripheral, and red arrows indicate peripheral input into the analog-digital converter.S1= Preasure sensor, value 0-1023 decimalS2= Preasure sensor, value 0-1023 decimalS3= Preasure sensor, value 0-1023 decimalS4= Ultrasonic sensor, value 0-15 cm


Each label correspond to:

Label         Position                                             Possible health problems

1                Right position                                    No harm


2                Higher pressure or right side             Respiratory issues, muscle imbalance stress on liver, stomach and right kidney


3                 Higher pressure or left side              Respiratory issues, muscle imbalance stress on liver, stomach and left kidney


4                 Higher forward pressure                   Knee issues, back pain and stress on abodmen