posture detection

The data set has been consolidated for the task of Human Posture Recognition. The data set consists of four postures namely -

  1. Sitting,
  2. Standing,
  3. Bending and,
  4. Lying.

There are 1200 images for each of the postures listed above. The images have a dimension of 512 x 512 px.

Pressure position sensors and actuators are represented by red large and blue circles on the seating, respectively. Black circles display ultrasound sensors in the backrest, yellow arrows show output peripheral, and red arrows indicate peripheral input into the analog-digital converter.

S1= Preasure sensor, value 0-1023 decimal
S2= Preasure sensor, value 0-1023 decimal
S3= Preasure sensor, value 0-1023 decimal
S4= Ultrasonic sensor, value 0-15 cm