noisy data

The uploaded .ZIP file contains the MATLAB codes used in Examples 1 and 2 of the following paper, which the authors have submitted to an IEEE Journal: Data-Driven Saturated State Feedback Design for Polynomial Systems Using Noisy Data. This is the abstract of the paper: "In this note, the problem of data-driven saturated state feedback design for polynomial nonlinear systems is solved by means of a sum-of-squares (SOS) approach. This new strategy combines recent results in dissipativity theory and data-driven feedback control using noisy input-state data.


A comparison of designs obtained by statistical and deterministic methods is being carried out. Points that are difficult to address in the statistical approaches are considered. A formulation of a regularized solution to experimental design is described in detail. The peculiarities of the optimal design for three types of regressions are revealed. The main factors that govern the estimation errors are determined.