This database is a image set of a strongest glint-affected region of inland water Capivara reservoir, Brazil. We carried out a flight survey in September 2016 on the confluence region of the Tibagi and Paranapanema Rivers. We use the hyperspectral camera manufactured by Rikola, model FPI2014, wich collect 25 spectral bands at following intervals and full widths at half maximum (FWHM), both expressed in nanometers (nm):



Each folder have specific resources generated on the processing steps. The generated resources, step by step, are: ROI and river target shapefiles to delimit the process; intersection of the ROI and river target; Images clipped by the ROI target; Virtual bandset generated using GDAL; CSV file of mode values of each image band; Multscale image references generated by the author method proposes; Local image references generated with Gaussian filter; Global reference mosaic; Multiscale reference mosaic; Local reference mosaic; First value mosaic Last value mosaic; Mean value mosaic; Median value mosaic; Maximum value mosaic; Minimum value mosaic;


Details and descriptions about the full process steps are in the oficial paper (under journal review).