Interconnected Power Systems

Power transmission system losses can typically represent from five to ten percent of the total generation, a quantity worth millions of dollars per year. The purpose of loss allocation in the context of pool dispatch is to assign to each individual generation and load the responsibility of paying for part of the system transmission losses. Since the system losses are non-separable, non-linear functions of the real power generation and loads, the allocation of transmission loss is a challenging and contentious issue in a fully deregulated system.


The dataset contains internal faults in power transformer and phase angle regulators (PAR) in a 5-bus interconnected system. It also has 6 other power system transients which include magnetising inrush, sympathetic inrush, external faults with CT saturation, capacitor switching, non-linear load switching, and ferroresonance. There are 88128 internal fault files and 12780 files of other transient disturbances. The faults and transients are simulated in PSCAD/EMTDC and the output files are in text format.