hand gesture recognition

This database includes data measured by Qualcomm's 60GHz mmWave Radar.

It includes:

Gesture recognition data base: data of different gestures (both hand and fingers) sensed by the Radar.

Face signature data base: radar face scan data of 206 individuals for face recognition. 

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    Tue, 12/18/2018 - 07:21

    The image displays four segments of gestures from our dataset.

    (a) The video sequence of rotating the wrist down and up as a signal for starting a new gesture.

    (b)–(d) Three gestures samples (the triangle, letter b, and letter Z) taken from three different subjects at three different scenes (sitting at a desk, standing indoors, and standing outdoors.). The trajectory of each gesture canbe recognized from the movement of the background objects.

  • Wearable Sensing
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