Global Illumination

This dataset is a valuable resource for those working on daylight illumination-related projects. It includes a comprehensive collection of images captured under various daylight conditions. These images can be used for tasks such as illumination estimation, scene relighting, and object insertion. The dataset features scenes illuminated by different intensities and angles of daylight, providing a rich set of examples for realistic daylight simulation.


Despite the existence of road image datasets, these datasets predominantly focus on European roads with less variability in traffic and road conditions. To address this limitation, we have developed an image dataset tailored to Indian road conditions, capturing the extensive variations in traffic and environment.


Global Illumination (GI) is a strategy in computer graphics to add a certain degree of realism.  Several approaches exist to achieve such a visual effect for computer-generated imagery. The most physically accurate approach is through conventional raytracing. It produces similar realistic results by trading-off time and computational-resource intensive, making them unsuitable for real-time usage. For more real-time usage scenarios, a set of faster algorithms exists that utilize post-processing on top of rasterization rather than performing ray-tracing.