Wi-Fi FTM RSSI Localization dataset

Wi-Fi Fine Time Measurement for positioning / Indoor Localization in 3 different locations and using 8 different APs
Custom APs using ESP32C3 and Raw FTM is measured in nanoseconds
Data is only measured at the Router Side
Data is not measured at client side
Has 4 datasets inside the zip folder with over 100,000 data points
Contains processed Wi-Fi FTM packets from various routers in:   


This dataset includes FTM WiFi measurements made with several ESP32-S2 devices in different indoor and outdoor environments. The measurements include the actual distance between devices as well as the RTT (Round Trip Time) values generated by the module.



Dataset used for "A Machine Learning Approach for Wi-Fi RTT Ranging" paper (ION ITM 2019). The dataset includes almost 30,000 Wi-Fi RTT (FTM) raw channel measurements from real-life client and access points, from an office environment. This data can be used for Time of Arrival (ToA), ranging, positioning, navigation and other types of research in Wi-Fi indoor location. The zip file includes a README file, a CSV file with the dataset and several Matlab functions to help the user plot the data and demonstrate how to estimate the range.