force/torque sensors

This study presents an overview of AiDIN-VI, a force-controllable quadruped robot system that is incorporated the mandatory abilities: speed, efficiency, and mobility to provide real-world services. 

The paper describes design methodologies and principles for implementing the requisite capabilities in a single robot platform, and in particular, the torque sensing method, components, and modularization method of the torque-controllable actuator unit.


These datasets are of the hydraulically actuated robot HyQ’s proprioceptive sensors. They include absolute and relative encoders, force and torque sensors, and MEMS-based and fibre optic-based inertial measurement units (IMUs). Additionally, a motion capture system recorded the ground truth data with millimetre accuracy. In the datasets HyQ was manually controlled to trot in place or move around the laboratory. The sequence includes: forward and backwards motion, side-to-side motion, zig-zags, yaw motion, and a mix of linear and yaw motion.