ferrimagnetic materials and ferrites

This dataset aims to provide more insight into magnetic core losses at high frequency (MHz range) with superimposed DC bias in ferrites. The tested MnZn ferrite has a nominal relative permeability of 1500 (PC50) and 800 (PC200), which was tested at frequency from 500 kHz to 3 MHz. The DC bias appears to create a shift in the Steinmetz parameters, in particular the ki and β are affected the most. Higher DC bias creates higher losses gain and higher operating frequency makes the relative losses increase lower.


This paper presents an overview of Unidirectional

Loop Metamaterial (ULM) structures and applications. Mimicking

electron spin precession in ferrites using loops with unidirectional

loads (typically transistors), the ULM exhibits all the

fundamental properties of ferrite materials, and represents the

only existing magnetless ferrimagnetic medium. We present here

an extended explanation of ULM physics and unified description


of its component and system applications.