Face Recognition

FaceEngine is a face recognition database for using in CCTV based video surveillance systems. This dataset contains high-resolution face images of around 500 celebrities. It also contains images captured by the CCTV camera. Against each person folder, there are more than 10 images for that person. Face features can be extracted from this database. Also, there are test videos in the dataset that can be used to test the system. Each unique ID contains high resolution images that might help CCTV surveillance system test or training face detection model.


Open set face recognition on a small dataset, in terms of the amount of image samples per individual, is a hard and active area of study. This study investigates the open set face verification and face identification problems on the IFPLD dataset, which consists of only one frontal and one profile image per individual. 



Biometric management and that to which uses face, is indeed a very challenging work and requires a dedicated dataset which imbibes in it variations in pose, emotion and even occlusions. The Current work aims at delivering a dataset for training and testing purposes.SJB Face dataset is one such Indian face image dataset, which can be used to recognize faces. SJB Face dataset contains face images which were collected from digital camera. The face dataset collected has certain conditions such as different pose, Expressions, face partially occluded and with a uniform attire.