compact modeling

This dataset contains two subjects. The first one is a Matlab App created for PMSMs (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors) parameters estimation, both in the electrical and in the mechanical energetic domains. The second one is a generalized PMSM Simulink superblock equipped with a user-friendly interface allowing to select options and to input the model parameters. The Matlab App and the PMSM superblock can be easily interfaced with each other.


Tri-gate ferroelectric FETs with HZO gate insulator for memory and neuromorphic applications are fabricated and characterized for multi-level operation. The conductance and threshold voltage exhibit highly linear and symmetric characteristics. A compact analytical model is developed to accurately capture FET transfer characteristics, including series resistance, coulombic scattering, and vertical field dependent mobility degradation effects, as well as the evolvement of threshold voltage and mobility with ferroelectric polarization switching.