Behavioral Biometrics

ReMouse dataset contains the mouse dynamics information of 100 users of mixed nationality, residing in diverse geographical regions and using different devices (hardware and software components). The dataset contains dozens of ‘repeat sessions’ per each user, where ‘repeat sessions’ are sessions during which the user is asked to complete the same logical task in a guided online environment (e.g., play an online game involving the same sequence of steps and intermediate objectives).


Dataset used in the article "An Ensemble Method for Keystroke Dynamics Authentication in Free-Text Using Word Boundaries". For each user and free-text sample of the companion dataset LSIA, contains a CSV file with the list of words in the sample that survived the filters described in the article, together with the CSV files with training instances for each word. The source data comes from a dataset used in previous studies by the authors. The language of the free-text samples is Spanish.


iSignDB: A biometric signature database created using smartphone

Suraiya Jabin, Sumaiya Ahmad, Sarthak Mishra, and Farhana Javed Zareen

Department of Computer Science, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025, India

It's a database of biometric signatures recorded using sensors present in a smartphone. ​The dataset iSignDB is created to implement a novel anti-spoof biometric signature authentication for smartphone users.