5G mobile communication

This data provides realized gain values for a handset operating at 28 GHz, with 3 4x1 linear antenna arrays placed around the handset along the right edge, bottom edge and back face of the handset. Beam steering was carried out at each of these antenna arrays and results for the handset with and without the hand phantom are included to show the effect that the introduction of the hand phantom has on the realized gain of the handset.


We have designed a ZYNQ SDR-based platform that utilizes real on-air 5G new radio (NR) signals to develop and test the performance of channel estimation for wireless channel estimators. On-air samples are obtained via the SDR platform to determine the unknown values of the channel response using known values at the pilot locations. We have collected extensive channel estimation data under a variety of scenarios: 1) line-of-sight (LOS), 2) LOS multipath and 3) non-LOS multipath. We have considered 2m,4m,6m test cases to simulate meter-level indoor positioning for indoor scenarios.