underwater common wideband sound source 6-element circular array received dataset

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Yi Lu
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Fri, 03/22/2024 - 11:25
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The dataset consists of experimental data collected in an anechoic tank, with a specific setup involving single-source transmission and reception by a 6-element circular array with a radius of 0.046 meters. The transmitted signals include common wideband signals used in underwater positioning and communication, such as chirps, single-carrier QPSK, multi-tone signals, and OFDM signals. The transmitter and receiver are located at the same depth, and the receiving array rotates 360 degrees with 30-degree intervals. Two sets of scenarios are defined with transmission distances of 4 meters and 19 meters, as detailed in the dataset's documentation. This dataset can be utilized for the design and optimization of wideband sound source Direction of Arrival (DOA) estimation algorithms.


Operating platform: Matlab 2019

The datasets folder contains 3 sub-folders:


The simulated single-tone dataset used in the training step.

  • RCNN_R_GeneSample.m: used for generating the samples in training step.

  • concat_features.mat: reshaped features-15×648000

  • label.mat: reshaped labels-1×648000


The fine-tuning dataset which contains single-tone signals received in the experiment, meanwhile augmented by 100-fold.

  • fine-tuning_dataset: containing 10 kHz to 15 kHz single-tone signals, and the angles in each group range from 0° to 330° with 30° gap,72 sets in total.

  • feature_fig_finetuning_10_15k.mat: reshaped fine-tuning features-15×7200.

  • label_concat_10_15k.mat: reshaped labels-1×7200


Following 7 folders contain various wide-band signals received in the experiment. Each folder corresponds to 4 m and 19 m two sets, and the angles in each set ranges from 0^\circ to 330^\circ with 30^\circ gap, 24 sets in total.

The file name example: r4_d0_a0.mat- r=4 means the distance is 4 m, d=0 means the depth deviation is 0 m and a=0 means the angle is 0^\circ.

  • lfm_7_10k_100ms

  • lfm_7_16k_100ms

  • lfm_10_13k_100ms

  • lfm_13_16k_100ms

  • qpsk_259_7ms

  • multi_tone_100ms

  • ofdm_1651_3ms

  • pooldata2phasefig_wideband: script used for transforming the experiment data into features.

  • feature_fig_concat_onecolumn.mat: reshaped features-15×168

  • label_concat.mat: reshaped labels-1×168