Trailer Mass Estimation Using System Model-Based and Machine Learning Approaches

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Habibnejad Korayem
University of Waterloo
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Amin Habibnejad...
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Tue, 05/17/2022 - 22:17
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A high-fidelity CarSim model is used to collect the data for almost 50 maneuvers for two different tractors with different trailer attached to them. For instance, 10 Single Lane Change (SLC) maneuvers are considered in CarSim including 5 tests with E-class SUV and 5 tests with a pick-up truck. Moreover, at each test, the trailer payload and geometry, CG location, and track width, have been changed to collect sufficient data.



The data is collected for several tractor-trailer units with the parameters listed in [1]. Here is how the data is named:

The measurement signal names are the same with CarSim simulator output.

“Vx_SM”: Longitudinal velocity (km/h),“Vy_SM”: Lateral velocity (km/h), “Fx_ij”: Longitudinal tyre force (N), “Fy_ij”: Lateral tyre force (N).


[1] A. H. Korayem, A. Khajepour, and B. Fidan, “Trailer Mass Estimation using  System  Model-Based  and  Machine  Learning  Approaches,”IEEETransactions  on  Vehicular  Technology, 2020.