THU-HRIA dataset(Human-Robot Interactive Action Dataset From The Perspective Of Service Robot)

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Tsinghua University
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Jazon Wang
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Wed, 03/15/2023 - 08:57
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Most of the existing human action datasets are common human actions in daily scenes(e.g. NTU RGB+D series, Kinetics series), not created for Human-Robot Interaction(HRI), and most of them are not collected based on the perspective of the service robot, which can not meet the needs of vision-based interactive action recognition.

This dataset is named as “Human-Robot Interactive Action Dataset From The Perspective Of Service Robot (THU-HRIA dataset) “ ,which is created for indoor service robot action interaction, collected by Tsinghua University.

THU-HRIA Dataset uses a kinectV2 as multimodal sensor data collector, which can collect  RGB, infrared, depth, bodypoints and other forms of data. In terms of specific content, the THU-HRIA dataset includes 8 common actions in both daily restaurant scene and robot interactive scene, totally 576 action samples. The eight action classes are: 1- waving ; 2- calling gesture; 3- beckoning; 4- stepping back; 5-eating; 6- pass by; 7-fall; 8:using phone. For each action, we set different specifications like distance, situation and repetition. Please see the description for more details.


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2.       detailed information

Number of actions8 action , 576samples in total

Acquisition format   RGB, depth, infrared, bodypoints, etc

Dataset size       242 GB (including the original file size of all formats)

Action type8types:1- waving ; 2- calling gesture; 3- beckoning; 4- stepping back; 5-eating; 6- pass by; 7-fall; 8:using phone.

Acquisition equipment     Microsoft KinectV2

Camera height  The camera is placed at a height of 1.2m (robot height), and the angle of view is 15 ° upward

Action durationStarting from 0, usually around 150 frames (about 5s)

RepetitionsRepeat 2 times for each action

Performer  Maximum number of people : 1

view   Single view (simulated robot)

scene   Single scene, indoor

situation    Sitting/standing; Front/side; From left to right/from right to left

distance     Fixed distance, long distance: 3m; Short distance 1.5m


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