Raw IMU and Optical Gait Data of Healthy Participants

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Baiqing Luo
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Wed, 02/21/2024 - 08:18
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This is the raw data for the article "Algorithm for Gait Parameters Estimation Based on Heel-Mounted Inertial Sensors", which includes walking data recorded by IMUs and data recorded by an optical motion capture (OMC) system, where the experimental data consisted of two parts:

Validity Experiment Data includes gait data (both IMU and OMC) of 30 participants who were instructed to walk in a straight line within the motion capture area and return upon reaching the end to ensure a sufficient step count.

Reliability Experiment Data includes gait data (IMU) of 19 records of participants who completed a 10-m walk test (10 MWT) on a 12-m walkway at a comfortable pace three times, with intervals of rest between each attempt.


Raw IMU and Optical Gait Data From Healthy Participants


This repository contains data recorded with Xsens DOT and optical motion capture (OMC) data recorded by Vicon.


Inside the data folder are gait data collected from healthy subjects. In Folder "Validity Experiment Data", there are 30 folders in which one participant's gait data of IMUs (formatted as .csv) and OMC (formatted as .c3d) are put together. DOT 01, 08, 09, 03, 06, and 07 represent "Left Cavity", "Left Instep", "Left Heel", "Right Cavity", "Right Instep", and "Right Heel" respectively.

In Folder "Reliability Experiment Data", there are 19 folders, each of them contains records of three walking tasks. In this experiment, DOT 01 and 08 represent "Left Heel" and "Right Heel" respectively.

Note that the headings of those csv files may be different due to different operating device when downloading raw IMU data.



The data has the following structure:

├── README.txt

├── Validity Experiment Data

│  ├── <subject_id>

│  │  │<recording_name>.csv  # IMU data during walking

│  │  │<recording_name>.c3d  # raw c3d file, export of the OMC system, can be processed in OMC software such as QTM or Vicon


├── calibrations # The calibration files of all the used nilspods


├── Reliability Experiment Data

│  ├── <subject_id>

│  │  │ <test_name>.csv  # IMU data during walking

│  │  │  │   <test_name>.c3d  # c3d export of post processed qtm data

│  │  │  │   <test_name>_steps.csv  # Results of automatic step detection on mocap data

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