Pipaset preview: A multimodal dataset dedicated to Chinese music instrument Pipa

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Southeast University of China
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Yuancheng WANG
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Sat, 04/23/2022 - 09:38
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The dataset consists of three parts, the first part consists of single notes and playing technique samples, and the second includes the triple viewed video, steoro-microphone recordings and 4 track optical vibration recordings in raw file for famous Chinese Folk music ‘Jasmine Flower’ and the first section of ‘Ambush from ten sides’. The third part concerns about the source separated tracks from optical recordings and expressive annotation files are included in the annotation files. This dataset is linked with the use of an annotation platform called Transcription and Expressiveness Annotation System (TEAS).


This dataset is a multimodal dataset that includes the video, audio, pipa music scores can be used for multiple music information retrieval fields. 

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