Piezoelectric Seismic Transducer Simulation Dataset

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Shenyang Chen
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Mon, 04/26/2021 - 23:57
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This dataset contains three simulation models: cantilever_transducer.mph, simply_supported_beam_transducer.mph and optimized_ simply_supported_beam_transducer.mph.

The cantilever_transducer.mph is a cantilever transducer model with a fixed center, which is used to compare its sensitivity-frequency response with that of the optimized simply supported beam transducer model.

The simply_supported_beam_transducer.mph is a simply supported beam transducer model. First, we take eight structural parameters of the simply supported beam transducer as variables, analyze their influence on the sensitivity of the transducer, and we make priority judgments and rankings. Next, the optimal size ratios of the piezoelectric element to the piezoelectric beam are calculated, which provides a theoretical reference for improving the sensitivity.

According to the parameter priority order and the optimal size ratios obtained from the simply_supported_beam_transducer.mph, the simple supported beam transducer is miniaturized and optimized. The optimized_simply_supported_beam_transducer.mph is the miniaturized and optimized transducer. In addition, the relaxed ferroelectric single crystal material is applied to the transducer to further improve its sensitivity. The optimized simply supported beam transducer finally achieves the design goal; that is, its sensitivity is equivalent to that of the existing cantilever transducer, while the size and weight are smaller and the bandwidth is wider.


   These three engineering files need to be run in COMSOL. Taking the optimized_ simply_supported_beam_transducer.mph as an example, the author has completed the construction of relevant parameters and physical field settings, so it is not recommended to modify them to avoid calculation non convergence. The author has listed the research in the model developer, you only need to select a research to calculate, the whole data will be generated in the structure, and then select a dataset of interest to verify.

   Before that, please make sure COMSOL 5.5 or above is installed.


The manuscript "Design of a Simply Supported Beam Piezoelectric Seismic Transducer with a Small Size, Wide Bandwidth and High Sensitivity" uses this dataset for relevant simulations.

Submitted by Shenyang Chen on Tue, 04/27/2021 - 00:08