Phase Noise Spectrum Dataset for USRP X310

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TU Dresden
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carl collmann
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Mon, 07/01/2024 - 05:35
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Phase noise is a common hardware impairment, resulting from the frequency instability of voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO). To improve the phase noise performance of a VCO, they are typically connected to a control circuit. This control circuit is known as phase locked loop (PLL). It is commonly used as a frequency synthesizing circuit for the carrier frequency in mobile communication transceivers. Universal Software Radio Peripherals (USRP) are widely used in mobile communication research. While Datasheets of USRP's such as the X310 and their PLL component are publically available [Link], the phase noise (magnitude) is only given at discrete frequency offsets. The raw data of phase noise spectrums is typically not available. For researchers that investigate the phase noise phenomena or want to utilize USRP's in Testbeds for phase synchronous transceivers, this data is of interest. Therefore, recorded phase noise spectrum measurements are provided.


The measured Datasets are organized in the following structure:


├── USRP_2944R_160MHz_XXXXXX49  -->  USRP Model, bandwidth, ID

│     └── 2Ghz  -->  Measurement Frequency

│           ├── format

│           │     ├── RF0TX1.csv  -->  Formatted data

│           │     ├── RF0TX1.png  -->  Phase Noise Spectrum plot

│           │     ├── RF1TX1.csv  -->  Formatted data

│           │     └── RF1TX1.png  -->  Phase Noise Spectrum plot

│           ├── param_est.txt  -->  Parameter estimates

│           ├── RF0TX1.csv  -->  Raw data from R&S FSQ 

│           └── RF1TX1.csv  -->  Raw data from R&S FSQ

├── USRP_2944R_160MHz_XXXXXX57

├── USRP_2944R_160MHz_XXXXXX64

├── USRP_2944R_160MHz_XXXXXX65

├── USRP_2953R_40MHz_XXXXXX94

├── USRP_2953R_120MHz_XXXXXX29

├── USRP_2953R_120MHz_XXXXXX31

└── USRP_2954R_160MHz_XXXXXX20

Unpack the *.zip, in the formatted data set *.csv of phase noise spectrum measurements there are two collumns; ´f´ for offset frequency and ´dbc´ for phase noise magnitude relative to carrier. The data can be loaded with any data reader like pythons ´pandas.read_csv´ or ´numpy.loadtxt´. Measurements were performed at the indicated carrier frequency, typically 2 GHz. USRP Model and bandwidth are indicators for the daughterboard used, which is not stated explicitly however. The ´params_est.txt´ file contains parameter estimates derived from the phase noise spectrum measurements. The estimators will be given in the corresponding paper.