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Sampath Kumar
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Sampath Kumar
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Mon, 08/21/2023 - 02:13
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The "Paddy Field Dataset Captured in Palakkad District, Kerala, India" is a comprehensive collection of geospatial and attribute data specifically focused on paddy cultivation within the Palakkad district of the Kerala state in India. This dataset encompasses a wide range of information related to paddy fields, including their spatial distribution, size, crop varieties cultivated, land management practices, and relevant contextual factors. Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has captured accurate geospatial coordinates, enabling precise mapping and analysis.

The dataset provides a detailed understanding of the agricultural landscape within the Palakkad district, shedding light on the extent and distribution of paddy fields across various regions. This information is valuable for agricultural researchers, policymakers, and local authorities seeking to enhance crop management strategies, optimize land utilization, and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

Moreover, the dataset offers insights into the region's socio-economic dynamics of paddy cultivation, contributing to informed decision-making for rural development and agricultural growth. Researchers can leverage this dataset to analyze trends in paddy cultivation, study the impact of environmental and climatic factors, and propose targeted interventions to improve crop yield and livelihoods for local farmers.

"Paddy Field Dataset Captured in Palakkad District, Kerala, India" serves as an invaluable resource for promoting data-driven approaches to agricultural planning, land management, and sustainable development in the context of paddy cultivation in the Palakkad district of Kerala, India


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