MRI and Random Masks

MRI and Random Masks

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Hassaan Haider
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Tue, 12/25/2018 - 00:09
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The dataset can be used for Brain MRI study for academic purpose only. Undersampling Masks can be used for random undersampling at different sampling rates. 


Acknowledgement of source is required.

The human brain MR image is scanned by 1.5 Tesla GE-HDxt-MRI scanner with Gradient Echo (GE) sequence and 8 channels head coils with the specifications i.e. TE=10 msec, flip angle=900, bandwidth=31.25 KHz, slice thickness=3 mm,  TR=55, and image dimensions=256×256 at St. Mary's Hospital, London, England. 

Masks can be used in Fourier Domain to undersample the image. is used for taking wavelet transforms.

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