Mission-integrated magnetometer data at Jupiter & Saturn spanning 6+ months for detection of magnetar/dwarf novae-type prebursting evolution of Jupiter vs. Saturn, 100-minute averages

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Mission-integrated ⪅8nT magnetometer (MAG) data at Jupiter and Saturn, 100-minute averages. Data consist of the only available MAG measurements that spanned at least 6 months (180 Earth days), and include the Cassini–Huygens, Galileo, and Juno missions. Steven P. Joy and Joe Mafi (UCLA & NASA Planetary Data System/Planetary Plasma Interactions Node) provided concatenated and RTN-rotated Jupiter MAG 1-minute averages from Galileo and Juno, including random samples of field swelling. The Cassini RTN MAG calibrated 1-minute averages at Saturn and Jupiter were from the original Cassini–Huygens mission release. Subannual planetary magnetic fields variations ironed-out globally (maneuvers and moon flybys discarded).


Data for: Omerbashich, M. (2022) Magnetar- and dwarf novae-type prebursting evolution of Jupiter global magnetoactivity since 1996. The data are 100-minute averages. Time series have arbitrary temporal datums.


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