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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the nova emergence of connecting devices, people, and objects over the internet as sensors and actuators for a targeted application. Among popular IoT applications, location based IoT services are curtailed. Where the geographical location of a moving object will be estimated based on signal strength values using algorithms. To estimate the locations using algorithms distance measurement such as Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) is required. In this research, we design and implement a cloud based IoT architecture to collect RSSI data of a moving sensor node using three reference nodes. LoRaWAN-based hardware is used for publishing the onsite data on the remote storage server. The hardware design of the experimental testbed includes the implementation of the mobile node, reference nodes, and IoT cloud architecture to send RSSI data. The target node is designed using Atmega328p and RFM69HW and reference nodes are designed on ATmea328p, RFM69HW, and ESP12F modules. The MQTT protocol is used to data storage. At the end of the research, the validity is checked by the linear relationship between RSSI acquired remotely with the Euclidean distances of each sample point. The results substantiate the linearity of the data sets which proves the validity of the research.


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MWP Maduranga, V. Tilwari and R. Abeysekera, "An Experimental Testbed For Rssi-Based Indoor Localization With Lora," 2023 1st International Conference on Innovations in High-Speed Communication and Signal Processing (IHCSP), BHOPAL, India, 2023, pp. 316-321, doi: 10.1109/IHCSP56702.2023.10127213.

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