Lightguide RGBW Data

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Yedong Shen
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Mon, 06/03/2024 - 15:03
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This dataset contains simulated images and luminance matrix data of direct-lit automotive interior light guides. The light guide designs were modeled using optical simulation software, and the resulting images and luminance distributions were exported for analysis. The dataset includes:

Light guide images: High-resolution renderings of the simulated light guides, showcasing their illumination patterns and visual appearance. These images provide a qualitative representation of the light guide performance.
Luminance matrix data: Numerical matrices representing the spatial distribution of luminance values across the light guide surface. Each matrix element corresponds to a specific location on the light guide, with the value indicating the luminance (in cd/m²) at that point. These matrices enable quantitative analysis and computation of uniformity metrics.


This dataset includes the following files:


  1. A compressed folder containing high-resolution JPG images of the simulated light guides. Each image file is named according to the light guide design and simulation parameters.
  2. Luminance_Matrix_Data.csv: A comma-separated values (CSV) file containing the luminance matrix data for each light guide design. The file includes the following columns:
    • DesignID: A unique identifier for each light guide design.
    • Matrix_Size: The dimensions of the luminance matrix (rows x columns).
    • Luminance_Values: The luminance values (in cd/m²) for each matrix element, listed in a row-major order.