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North University of China
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学芳 常
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Sat, 06/11/2022 - 04:21
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The data part is the beneficial supplementary part of the article of Complex Theory and Batch Processing in Mechanical Systemic Data Extraction. It is including 2 parts. One is the about the original designed period. Another is the experimental data from 9 virtual experiments. It serves for the higher efficiency of ABRF.


 The supplementary material is including Three PARTS. PART A is the ABRF (dynamic) Matlab code. It is 14 Matlab programs. PART B is an experimental data parcel and the time notes data of a cycle. Part C is PEDIO AND ABRF(static data) Matlab programs.


The experimental data is used to verify the availability of the method. According to t0 and the experimental data parcel, the data blocks are divided and stored in different sub-packets. Each motion stroke corresponds to one packet. The detailed ABRF (dynamic) programs are shown in the part A, which is corresponding to the supplementary part from Appendix A-I to XIV of the article. The PEDIO and ABRF (fixed window) Matlab programs are part C.

Submitted by 学芳 常 on Sat, 06/11/2022 - 04:38