Encrypted communication dataset for mobile applications

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Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
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Daniel Snasel
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Thu, 05/26/2022 - 07:03
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This dataset was created using Wireshark. The dataset contains a total of 30 encrypted communication records, 3 records (.pcap) were created for each application. The records were obtained from a mobile device that was connected to the laptop using wifi technology. The laptop was connected to the Internet and contained a running instance of Wireshark to create a record. The telephone had been restarted before each record was created. After connecting to the network, the device was left without user interaction for 5 minutes. At the end of the 5-minute period, Wireshark recording was started. In the meantime, the interaction with the given application was taking place on the mobile device.

The dataset was created to identify mobile applications in encrypted traffic based on TLS fingerprints.


The dataset is provided in the form of pcap records obtained using the wireshark tool from a mobile device. It includes both normal mobile traffic and communication with one of the ten applications. The dataset is available as a ZIP file with the folders containing the intercepted communication.

Applications and their versions, including file names in the dataset.

  • Application name ; Applications version ; File Name
  1. Bazoš; 2.9.0; bazos_basos_[0-2].pcap
  2. Benzona 4.2,1; 4.2,1; benzina_benzina_[0-2].pcap 
  3. BlaBlaCar; 5.80.0; blablacar_blablacar_[0-2].pcap
  4. Booxy; 4.5.5; booxy_cdbd__[0-2].pcap
  5. ČHMU; 1.8; chmu_data.pocasi__[0-2].pcap
  6. Kaufland; 2.20.0; kaufland_kaufland_[0-2].pcap
  7. Lidl; 14.36.0; lidl_lidl_[0-2].pcap
  8. Mapy.cz; 8.5.0; mapy_mapy_[0-2].pcap
  9. Shazam; 11.21.0-210409; shazam_shazam_[0-2].pcap
  10. Waze;; waze_waze_[0-2].pcap



The file name consists of the application name, SNI, and serial number.