Double Identity Fingerprint Database

Double Identity Fingerprint Database

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IIT Bhubaneswar
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Niladri Puhan
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Fri, 02/14/2020 - 04:42
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Double-identity fingerprint is a fake fingerprint created by aligning two fingerprints for maximum ridge similarity and then joining them along an estimated cutline such that relevant features of both fingerprints

are present on either sides of the cutline. The fake fingerprint containing the features of the criminal and his innocuous accomplice can be enrolled with an electronic machine readable travel document and later used to cross the automated

border gates by claiming identity of the accomplice. This is a recent, new fingerprint alteration technique and due to the unavailability of any such public database, we have

generated a new database double-identity fingerprints.


There are two folders: groundtruth folder images show the region of fingerprint joining in white pixels. images folder contain the double identity images.

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