Cellular measurements (4G) onboard a moving train

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Vienna University of Technology
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Sonja Tripkovic
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Mon, 09/04/2023 - 10:55
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This dataset provides valuable insights into Received Signal Reference Power (RSRP) measurements collected from four User Equipment (UE) devices strategically positioned within a moving train. 

Additionally, it includes RSRP values obtained from an external reference source using the rooftop train antenna, all systematically interpolated on a cell and frequency basis, with both datasets available.

The dataset presents not only the RSRP values but also their corresponding standard deviations at each measurement location. Interpolated mean RSRP values form the foundation for calculating the Vehicle Path Loss (VPL).

All the data in this dataset corresponds to the research conducted in our work titled  "Measuring the Effects of Angle of Arrival (AoA) on Vehicle Penetration Loss in Cellular Networks." 

It also encompasses calculated elevation and azimuth AoA, along with all the supporting variables used in their computation.  

This dataset serves as a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners interested in optimizing cellular network  performance in moving vehicles.


Columns in the dataset:

  • 'longitude_UE', 'latitude_UE':  describing UE measurement location 
  • 'RSRP_mean_interpolated_outdoor', 'RSRP_std_interpolated_outdoor':  describing mean and standard deviation of the values measured outside on the train rooftop
  • 'RSRP_mean_interpolated_indoor', 'RSRP_std_interpolated_indoor': describing mean and standard deviation of the values measured inside the train using UEs
  • 'VPL': vehicle penetration loss, defined as the difference between the outdoor and indoor interpolated RSRP values
  • 'Distances_over_track_fixed': this was used for interpolation along the track
  • 'frequency', 'BS_ID': frequency band and the base station identification (anonymized)
  • 'w_vector': vector between the UE and the connected BS
  • 'v_vector': vector perpendicular to the train window closest to the UE location
  • 'BS_distance' : Euclidian distance to the base station
  • 'BS_antennaheight':  height from the ground to the BS antenna in meters
  • 'ground_elevation_BS': ground elevation above the sea level at BS location
  • 'ground_elevation_UE': ground elevation above the sea level at UE location
  • 'A': BS_antennaheight + ground_elevation_BS - ground_elevation_UE - 2m
  • 'azimuth_AoA': defined as alpha in [1]
  • 'elevation_AoA': defined as epsilon in [1]

[1] "Measuring the Effects of Angle of Arrival (AoA) on Vehicle Penetration Loss in Cellular Networks." , S.Tripkovic, P.Svoboda, M.Rupp, 2023, VTC2023-Fall 

Funding Agency: 
Christian Doppler Laboratory for Digital Twin assisted AI for sustainable Radio Access Networks, Institute of Telecommunications, TU Wien