AWS Security and Pentesting

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Pen testing the method to evaluate the security of an application or network by safely exploiting any security vulnerabilities present in the system. These security flaws can be present in various areas such as system configuration settings, login methods, and even end-users risky behaviors. Pentesting is required, apart from assessing security, to also evaluate the efficiency of defensive systems and security strategies.


As someone who uses Amazon Web Services (AWS)for a range of purposes from data storage, business operations, to forming content, security and protection is key. Among security procedures, one of the most effective ones is definitely vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. So, why should you do AWS penetration testing periodically, comprehensively, and by experts?


The answer lies in the first line of this article - users of AWS data cannot be completely dependent on the protection from Amazon. These services dependent on cloud-based infrastructure are the purpose of your organization and hence, cannot be compromised. Any security flaw, misconfiguration or loophole can lead to disastrous events like data loss, exposure of company secrets and infrastructure, etc. Vulnerabilities in your AWS infrastructure can incur great costs for your organization if exploited. 

Another reason is definitely meeting compliance standards of the industry through penetration testing. A meticulous AWS penetration testing helps you comply with government rules and regulations, and best practices of the industry including - SOC2, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, etc. It is for these reasons that you should conduct detailed, correctly executed, and regular AWS penetration tests.


The file has a DIY checlist that one can follow easily to test its AWS Infrastructure.

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