The channel path data (signal strength, delay, angle of departure and angle of arrival, etc. of each path for each Tx-Rx pair) calculated by a ray-tracing model in an industrial warehouse, via Wireless InSite

For more details, please download the scripts and .zip to access the instructions and the data files that contain the path information.


The dataset consists a training and testing folder with received signal strength (RSS) data, obtained from a ray-tracing software (Wireless Insite). There are K=8 anchor nodes and N=12 regions.

- In the folder _training, it contains 8 * 12 = 96 separate .p2m files, each file corresponds to a RSS data collected from a grid number of user locations (coordinate is given in the .p2m file) with respect to a certain Anchor node


In each .p2m file, the coordinate (X, Y, Z) of the target (transmitter in this case) is given, together with the distance with respect to the anchor node. The receiver signal power and phase is then calculated by ray-tracing, with the results printed at the end of each row.