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Conventional high-power wireless power transfer (WPT) systems suffer from hard switching, current sharing, and crossing coupling issues when providing a wide-range power supply. To improve the power level and regulation performance, we propose a new resonant inductor integrated-transformer based multi-inverter (RIIT-MI) topology for the high-power WPT system. A flexible power capacity can be achieved by increasing the number of inverters. A wide power regulation range with soft switching can be achieved without adding additional components.


Most present wireless power transfer (WPT) systems are designed for 400-V EVs and its compatibility for a higher battery pack voltage is barely studied. To adapt for different WPT charging scenarios, this paper proposes a resonant inductor integrated-transformer (RIIT) based receiver. The design guideline, power losses, and power transfer capacity of the proposed system are presented. The proposed receiver is compact, low-cost, reliable, easy-to-implement, and compatible for WPT systems with different battery pack voltages without any significant change of system parameters.