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The advent of the Internet of Things has increased the interest in automating mission-critical processes from domains such as smart cities. These applications' stringent Quality of Service (QoS) requirements motivate their deployment through the Cloud-IoT Continuum, which requires solving the NP-hard problem of placing the application's services onto the infrastructure's devices. Moreover, as the infrastructure and application change over time, the placement needs to continuously adapt to these changes to maintain an acceptable QoS.


The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has opened new research lines that focus on applying IoT applications to domains further beyond basic user-grade applications, such as Industry or Healthcare. These domains demand a very high Quality of Service (QoS), mainly a very short response time. In order to meet these demands, some works are evaluating how to modularize and deploy IoT applications in different nodes of the infrastructure (edge, fog, cloud), as well as how to place the network controllers, since these decisions affect the response time of the application.


This dataset contains the Logs obtained from executing the HeatMap application implemented with different architectural styles (i.e., server-centric, mobile-centric, Hybrid). These logs can be used to reproduce the app consumption with each architectural design.