Reconstruction of the admissible joint-references for the N-trailer kinematics: the source Matlab files.

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Institute of Automation and Robotics, Poznan University of Technology
Institute of Automation and Robotics, Poznan University of Technology
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Dariusz Pazderski
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Sun, 05/24/2020 - 08:28
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This dataset consists of the source Matlab files (the m-files) which implement the computational Newton-like algorithm solving the reconstruction problem for the joint-references of the non-Standard and Generalized N-Trailers upon a prescribed reference path of the last trailer. A user can examine the effectiveness and properties of the algorithm by selecting one of the seven possible 3-trailer structures with various types of hitching. The default reference path prescribed for the last trailer implemented in the code is a parametrized Lissajous-like closed curve defined on the normalized interval [0,1] of the parametrizing variable. Forward as well as backward motion strategy can be selected. The program computes a set of parameters (the weights) for a Fourier basis with up to 2000 harmonics chosen to approximate an evolution of the reference joint angles. The results being obtained during the computations are plotted on-the-fly, and the approximation accuracy is provided by the values of quality factors.



The program has been tested with the Matlab environment in versions R2015b and R2016a; no specific toolboxes are required to use the files. In order to start the program in the Matlab console one has to run the main script: ‘findBeta.m’.  By default the nS3T kinematic structure is chosen (with the hitching scheme ‘off-off-off’), the backward motion strategy is selected, and the Fourier basis with 100 harmonics is used. During the script execution successive informations are being displayed. The details can be found in the source code and in the file ‘Description_Reconstruction.pdf’. A short instructions result from the following points:

  1. Select (uncomment) an appropriate 3-trailer kinematic structure in the script ‘findBeta.m’. Set variable 'zetar' to 1 or -1 to choose the forward or the backward motion strategy, respectively.
  2. At the first run of the program for the selected 3-trailer structure ensure that the variable 'wInitParams' is cleared (it should not appear in the workspace).
  3. Modify the program parameters (if needed). In particular, select a number of harmonics of the Fourier basis.
  4. Run the script ‘findBeta.m’.
  5. Execution of the program can be monitored by analyzing plots in the appearing figures and the data being printed in the Matlab Command Window.
  6. When computations are completed, a final value of the performance index is displayed and plots of the computed reference joint-angles and reference velocities are shown.



Submitted by Dariusz Pazderski on Wed, 01/29/2020 - 09:38

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