PMU measurements of IEEE 39-bus power system model

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EWI, TU Delft
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Matija Naglic
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Tue, 05/17/2022 - 22:21
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The dataset contains PMU measurements of all ten generators of IEEE 39-bus transmission system model, installed at the generators terminal. The dataset was obtained by using RTDS power system simulator and GTNETx2 based PMUs, and was stored by using Synchro-measurement Application Development Framework (SADF) Matlab library.  Dataset constructs in total 86.6s of simulation and 5197 PMU measurements per generator. 


The dataset contains PMU measurements of the following three use-cases, executed consecutively in one simulation:

 A. Quasi-steady-state operation, where generator G1 mechanical torque is being modulated every 200 ms with a random perturbation within ± 1 % of the nominal value.

 B. Quasi-steady-state operation + change in topology (2 times) caused by the applied three-phase self-cleared fault on bus B25 with permanent tripping of line B2-B25 and the delayed line B2-B25 reconnection. 

 C. Quasi-steady-state operation + temporal perturbation caused by the three-phase self-cleared fault on bus B14.


Use-case A continues with the use-case B. In the use-case B, a fault is applied, leading to line B2-B25 permanent disconnection. This results in the topology change. Moreover, approximately 37 s after the fault, the line B2-B25 is reconnected to restore the initial topology (as in the use-case A). Finally, in use-case C, the quasi-steady-state conditions, as in use-case A, are followed by a three-phase 80 ms self-cleared fault on bus B1.


The Matlab dataset in struct format contains:

 - positive sequence voltage and current synchrophasor (magnitude and angle) measurements

 - frequency measurements

 - rate-of-change-of-frequency measurements

 - delta frequency measurements from nominal system frequency

 - corresponding measurement timestamps

 - PMU measurement quality indicators.


To load dataset into Matlab use the following command: load('IEEE-39-bus_10_generator_PMU.mat').



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Submitted by Ajit kumar on Sun, 05/10/2020 - 00:21

Thanks to Matjia for sharing.
>> load IEEE-39-bus_10_generator_PMU
>> V = DATA.Magnitude;
>> A = DATA.Angle;
>> F = DATA.Freq;
>> ...
to load data and give appropriate names to the variables.

Submitted by Hamed Shakouri G. on Fri, 05/28/2021 - 13:51