Hong Kong Water Quality and Climatological data - combined & interpolated (1997-2016, monthly)

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Carlin Chu
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Thu, 06/18/2020 - 04:04
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The raw data are collected from the websites of EPD (Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong) and HKO (Hong Kong Observatory). Marine water quality data is provided by EPD and climatological data is provided by HKO. The data is interpolated by SAS “proc expand” and aligned to the beginning of each month.


The raw data used to produce this dataset are extracted from the following URL.

1)      Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department: Marine Water Quality Data  http://epic.epd.gov.hk/EPICRIVER/marine/?lang=en

 2)      Hong Kong Observatory  http://www.hko.gov.hk/en/cis/climat.htm


This dataset has been used to produce the following papers:

1) Carlin C.F. Chu and P.K. Chan, “Feature selection using approximated high-order interaction components of the Shapley value for boosted tree classifier”. IEEE Access

2) Carlin C.F. Chu, S.C. Yuen and Y.K. Wong, “Deep neural network for marine water quality classification with the consideration of coastal current circulation effect”. IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems (ICISS), 7-8 Dec 2017.


3) P.K. Chan, Carlin C.F. Chu, H.Y. Lam and Y.K. Wong, “Empirical Mode Decomposition of Water Quality data for Random Forest Algorithm and Deep Neural Network”. 2018 Hong Kong International Conference on Engineering and Applied Science, 18-20 Dec 2018.


The marine water samples are taken from 76 stations which are located in 10 water control zones. The water quality can be measured in 3 different water depths, namely ‘Surface’, Middle’ and Bottom’.

The columns of the water quality data are named in the format of “Zone + Station + Water depth +Water quality Parameter”. For example, the column “Zone1_TM2_Bot_VSSolids” contains the Volatile Suspended Solids data (mg/L) of the bottom-level water at the TM2 station, which is located in Zone 1.


The list of water quality parameters and Climatological parameters are tabulated below.


Water quality parameters


5-day Biochemical Oxygen Demand (mg/L)

Silica (mg/L)

Chlorophyll-a μg/L


Temperature (C)

E. coli (cfu/100mL)

Faecal Coliforms (cfu/100mL)

Total Phosphorus (mg/L)

Orthophosphate Phosphorus (mg/L)

Volatile Suspended Solids (mg/L)

Phaeo-pigments (μg/L)

Suspended Solids (mg/L)

Dissolved Oxygen Saturation (%)

Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)

Salinity (psu)

Secchi Disc Depth (M)

Nitrite Nitrogen (mg/L)

Nitrate Nitrogen (mg/L)

Ammonia Nitrogen (mg/L)

Total Nitrogen (mg/L)

Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (mg/L)

Total Inorganic Nitrogen (mg/L)

Turbidity (NTU)

Unionized Ammonia (mg/L)



Climatological Parameters


Mean Temp

Max Temp

Min Temp


Dew Point Temp

Wet Bulb Temp

Mean Relative Humidity

Mean Amount Cloud


Grass Minimun Temperature

Bright Sunshine

Global Solar Radiation


Prevailing Wind Direction

Wind Speed

Sea Temperature

Reduced Visibility


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