Event Geoparsing Indonesian News Dataset

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Agung Dewandaru
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Fri, 05/29/2020 - 10:40
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This dataset contains four types of geospatial events coverage in Indonesian news online portal: flood, traffic jam, earthquake, and fire. The corpus itself was composed of 926 manually annotated, disambiguated, and event extracted sentences that was filtered from 83 of 645,679 documents of our earlier news corpus based on four major geospatial events: flood, earthquake, fire, and accidents

Source: detik.com, kompas.com, cnnindonesia.com


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The main event extraction corpus is event-geoparsing-corpus.txt.

The disambiguation are listed on toponyms-disambiguated.txt.



event-geoparsing-corpus.txt Notes:

Each document inside Corpus is separated by ===

Each sentence within document is separated by empty line.

Regular line has four elements (word/POS Tag/Event/Argument):


- Kerabat/NNP/O/O 

- RSCM/NN/B-ORG/Hospital-Arg

For LOC entities, there are additional two fields: (latitude, longitude) / <administrative_level> 

Jakarta/NNP/B-PLOC/Published-Arg/(-6.197602429787846, 106.83139222722116)/1

toponyms-disambiguated.txt :

Contains all toponyms (LOC) entities from corpus.txt, started with * (star symbol). Each star are having potential candidate referents. 

The correct disambiguation is started with --> otherwise it is started with --

Every document is also separated by ===


full list of argument roles for each event subtypes:


Argument Roles



1.        Reporter-Arg

2.        Published-Arg

3.        DeathVictim-Arg

4.        WoundVictim-Arg

5.        Place-Arg

6.        Facility-Arg

7.        Officer-Arg

8.        Time-Arg

9.        Street-Arg

10.      Official-Arg

11.      Hospital-Arg

12.      HouseBurnt-Arg

13.      AffectedRT-Arg

14.      DispatchedTrucks-Arg

15.      AffectedFamily-Arg

16.      MonetaryLoss-Arg

1.        News outlet (ARG)

2.        City of publication (LOC)

3.        How many people killed (ARG)

4.        How many people wounded (ARG)

5.        Geopolitical Entities of the place (LOC)

6.        Building related (ORG)

7.        Officer related (ORG)

8.        Time of the Event (ARG)

9.        Street of the Place (ARG)

10.      Official related or official statement (ORG)

11.      Hospital related (ORG)

12.      House burnt number (ARG)

13.      Number of RTs affected (ARG)

14.      Number of Firetrucks dispatched (ARG)

15.      Number of families affected (ARG)

16.      Loss of money (ARG)


1.        Reporter-Arg

2.        Published-Arg

3.        Point-Arg

4.        Vehicle-Arg

5.        Plate-Arg

6.        Place-Arg

7.        Hospital-Arg

8.        From-Arg

9.        To-Arg

10.      Time-Arg

11.      AffectedVehicle-Arg

12.      MonetaryLoss-Arg

1.        News company (ARG)

2.        City of Publication (LOC)

3.        Location offset of the Accident (ARG)

4.        Type of Vehicle (ARG)

5.        License Plate (ARG)

6.        Place of accident (LOC)

7.        Hospital related (ORG)

8.        Origin of collided vehicle (LOC)

9.        Destination of collided vehicle(LOC)

10.      Time of the event (ARG)

11.      Number of vehicles related (ARG)

12.      Loss of money (ARG)


1.        Reporter-Arg

2.        Duration-Arg

3.        Central-Arg

4.        Depth-Arg

5.        Hospital-Arg

6.        Time-Arg

7.        AffectedFacility-Arg

8.        AffectedHouse-Arg

9.        AffectedPeople-Arg

10.      Strength-Arg


1.        News outlet (ARG)

2.        Duration of the Quake(ARG)

3.        Center of Quake(ARG)

4.        Depth of Quake (LOC)

5.        Hospital related (ORG)

6.        Time of the event (ARG)

7.        Number of affected facilities(ARG)

8.        Number of affected House(ARG)

9.        Number of affected people(ARG)

10.      Quake's reported strength (ARG)


1.        Reporter-Arg

2.        Cause-Arg         

3.        Height-Arg

4.        Place-Arg

5.        AffectedDistrict-Arg

6.        AffectedHouse-Arg

7.        AffectedVillage-Arg

8.        AffectedFamily-Arg

9.        AffectedCity-Arg

10.      AffectedPeople-Arg

11.      Hospital-Arg

12.      Time-Arg

13.      Facility-Arg

14.      AffectedFields-Arg


1.        News outlet (ARG)

2.        Cause of the Flood (ARG) or (EVE of RAIN-EVENT or LANDSLIDE-EVENT)

3.        Height of Water(ARG)

4.        Place of Flood (LOC)

5.        Affected number of Districts

6.        Affected number of Houses

7.        Affected number of Villages

8.        Affected number of Families

9.        Affected number of Cities

10.      Affected number of People

11.      Hospital related (ORG)

12.      Time of the event (ARG)

13.      Facility affected by flood

14.      Area of fields (farms) (ARG)



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